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They are not rolled or ordinary oats as they are steel cut into groats which helps in decreasing the cooking time. These oats are gluten-free, rich in fibre and low in calories which makes them perfect for to be consumed as a morning breakfast. Consuming a bowl of this healthy breakfast in the morning which keep you active for the entire day. As it contains magnesium it helps in preventing you from cardiovascular diseases and keeps your heart healthy. It helps in releasing stress hormones and keeps you stress free for a longer time. Since they are rich in healthy fats, calcium, folate and several other vitamins which help in reducing the risk of heart strokes. The iron content in oats helps in managing your cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of coronary heart diseases. Presence of vitamin B in these oats helps you keep away from various skin issues and diseases. Besides, all this it also benefits in weight loss diet and improves your immunity system. Steel cut oats gluten free by True Elements is available in two sizes i.e. 1000 gm and 1500 gm.

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