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Brown sugar is considered to be the best form of sugar with a number of health
benefits in the world of health & wellness. It is a much better alternative than
regular white crystallized Sugar. It possesses a different chemical structure and
thus the body reacts to it in a different manner in a good way than regular sugar.
Brown Sugar contains molasses which contains essential nutrients than normal
white sugar. It is a good source of dietary potassium, calcium, magnesium and B
vitamins. Calorie-wise both white and brown sugar is the same but still brown
sugar is healthier alternative. The difference lies mainly in the process of
manufacture. Brown sugar can be utilized in recipes that are more dense and
caramelized. Unlike regular sugar brown sugar just doesn’t add calories and carbs
to your body it also benefits from body in numerous ways. Nutriorg Brown Sugar is made from Sugarcane. Shelf life of Nutriorg Brown Sugar is 24 months.

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